Posted by: Ethan Johnson | May 10, 2011

On the Turning Away

Joan at the Cross-Conference Collector blog wrote, recently, in part:

I’m kind of awful and cynical sometimes, but I don’t want to be. I’m over-educated and over-privileged and maybe that’s part of why I don’t necessarily think women’s sports is the solution to a lot of systemic and ideological problems and barriers to women’s opportunities around the world. However, I do understand the price of exclusion from activities, even in something as “trivial” as soccer.

She goes on to talk about finding what’s important to you, and what is worth fighting for, and to that end I will employ the blogger cliche of “go read the whole thing.”

As for this blog, consider it shuttered. I won’t delete it outright as people do seem to be wandering by to read old WNBA stats or look at photos from 2009, but new material? Look elsewhere. Explore the sidebar at right (you’ll have to come to the site for that, RSS lurkers) and maybe find some new favorites.

As for the why, I’ll be succinct. I’m retiring.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be supporting any of the women’s athletic activities that I enjoy watching, or that I am not looking forward to upcoming events like the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. But the fact is, I’m just a gawker. I’m not a journalist, not an activist, and the whole women’s sports scene isn’t being affected in any meaningful way by my presence or absence. And ultimately, I just want to like what I like without having to worry about how to “cover” it, or take photos to cull through later and post online, or cook up screeds advocating for or against some sort of issue pertaining to women’s athletics or women in general. There’s a wealth of such activists, ready to vie for your attention.

Thank you for your interest in this blog and my associated material. Blogging will continue in fits and starts at Actionless Activity if you want my forwarding address.

Over and out.



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