Posted by: Ethan Johnson | February 19, 2011

CCIW Women’s Basketball: Carthage College vs Millikin University 02/19/2011

Carthage vs Millikin

Today was the final regular-season home game for the Lady Reds. I don’t believe any tournament games are going to be played in Kenosha so for all intents and purposes, this is curtains for the season.

I felt more “invested” in the women’s volleyball team but the basketball team grew on me and I am excited about the 2011-2012 season and will be interested to see how the team adapts to the loss of Taylor Tondelli and Heather Gilmore.

Let’s go to the Twitter feed from the game and re-live all of the excitement:

I am here crazy early, but sometime today YOUR Carthage Lady Reds will take on Millikin University, or Fake Michigan. It’s Senior Day.

Wow, the pep band loads in quickly. Their section went from empty to filled in the time it took me to send that last tweet.

Apparently the Tarble Arena is the only place on Earth that can’t get Virgin/Sprint cell reception. Good thing I have 2 phones on me.

Blessed are the pessimists, for they made backups. Or brought backup, in this case.

Carthage has clinched a berth in the forthcoming CCIW tournament, but a win for the departing seniors would be pretty sweet.

Tondelli for THREE! This could be epic.

Finally time for a score update: Carthage squeaking by over Millikin 17-15 with 10:25 remaining in the first half.

24-29 Millikin with 5:31 remaining in the first half. Carthage needs to get the wheels back on the wagon quick-like.

At the half: tied 31-31. Carthage keeping this one a nail-biter.

Someone set off the fire alarm. This apparently closes the gap in today’s halftime festivities.

[Note: The concession stand burned a brat or something and set the smoke alarm off. We were told to leave the building and then the alarm was shut off, so everyone shuffled back to their seats.]

And just like that, “You Can Call Me Al” emits once more from the pep band. Woulda paid money to hear the Cantina Band theme.

49-44 Carthage with 11:28 to go in regulation. I am totally shipping the Carthage ball and the Millikin net.

52-60 Millikin with 5:04 left in regulation.

58-60 Millikin with 3:12 to go. The Carthage ball is totally taking the Millikin net. It’s like destiny or something.

If this were a UK broadcast the announcer would surely say “it had to be her.” On this Senior Day, Gilmore with 17.

Heather Gilmore is totally keeping Carthage in this one in the final minutes. 66-66 with 30 seconds left.

66-69 Millikin with 8.2 seconds remaining. Can Gilmore hit the three? Or will, appropriately, #3 herself Dani Ripkey sink it?

Millikin oddly fouls Tondelli. Why give up points now?

68-69 Millikin with 7.3 left.

Ripkey with the foul. 6.4 left.

Hokay, Gilmore drives the lane after the Millikin free throws but that’s not gonna cut it.

70-73 Millikin is your final from Kenosha. MWS Blog out!

This truly was the final regular-season game for Carthage. They move on now to face Illinois Wesleyan in the CCIW Tournament next weekend.



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