Posted by: Ethan Johnson | February 14, 2011

GLVC Women’s Basketball: UW Parkside vs Quincy 02/14/2011

Jadee Rooney directing traffic

Maybe other guys sat around and moped because they didn’t have a date tonight, but not me! I had a date with the UW-Parkside women’s basketball team. Despite my obvious and obnoxious bias for All Things Carthage (except Lutheranism), I wanted to show UWP some love this Valentine’s Day.

Since “journalism” is not my middle name, let’s relive my Twitter updates, sent directly from the stands. Roll tape!

Tonight is the final regular season home game for the UW Parkside women’s basketball team, and MWS is there, live.

UWP takes on division leader Quincy, who are guaranteed to keep their top spot with a loss. It’s Senior Night here = incentive enough.

This may be the biggest turnout I have seen for a UWP women’s basketball game to date, but then again I am new here.

(Note: Tonight was “Senior Day” and this game was the first part of a doubleheader with the men’s team.)

I was just gonna say that Jadee Rooney hasn’t been a big factor so far and she drains a three. UWP 21-9 with 12+ mins left in the half.

And AGAIN! 29-16 Rangers.

Senior Brittany Hogen is on fire with 13 points. 37-16 UWP with just over 8 mins to go in the half.

Ranger Bear is hanging out with me as UWP continues the whuppin’, 40-22.

Ranger Bear doing his Mark Cuban impression

Okay, Quincy was just DE-NIED a spectacular three at the buzzer. UWP owned the half, 50-30.

Jadee Rooney with 3 threes, Brittany Hogen with 15 points of her own.

The refs just fist-bumped each other. Get ready for some freak nasty calls in the second half, apparently.

UWP kinda easing off the gas pedal in the 2nd half. 60-36 Rangers with 14:59 remaning.

Rooney is raining the threes! 67-40 UWP with 12:15 to go.

UWP very much in the driver’s seat, 81-56 with 4:23 to go. Rooney with 22 points.

The starters are getting pulled one by one. Well-deserved cheers for Brittany Hogen.

Quincy wisely lets the clock run out. 83-60 is your final from UW-Parkside. MWS Blog out!

That’s a wrap for UWP home games this season. Next up is the GLVC Tournament. UWP plays at home on Saturday, February 26. Check your local listings.



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