Posted by: Ethan Johnson | February 8, 2011

CCIW Women’s Basketball: Carthage College vs Elmhurst College 02/08/2011

Carthage College Women's Basketball

Time for another Carthage Women’s Basketball recap, and in a triumph of Lazy Journalism™, I am going to reprint my tweets that I sent out during the game. Subscribe to my Twitter feed and get it as it happens.

I’m in the Tarble Arena as the Carthage Lady Reds take on Elmhurst College. Pep Band is also in the hooooouuuuuse. They sing too!

Elmhurst comes in with a 9-11 overall and 4-5 conference record. Carthage is 15-6 overall and is absent from the top 25.

Not sure how this bodes for Carthage entering NCAA tournament play. A strong showing in the CCIW tourney can’t hurt, like, y’know, winning.

O hai Glasses Girl! [Freshman PG Stephanie Kuzmanic] She has her contacts in this time.

4 minutes in and it’s already Carthage leading 15-8, mostly on the back of Diana Jacklin.

As a side note I managed to sit in a thicket of visiting Elmhurst fans. I can take ’em.

Just over 10 mins remaining in the 1st half with Carthage still ahead, 26-15.

Quote: “What kind of fundraiser would we need to have to build a place like [Tarble Arena]?” – Elmhurst fan behind me

Carthage is squeaking by 41-39 at the half. For Elmhurst, it’s the Megan Ney show. For Carthage: Diana Jacklin.

Carthage is gonna need more than 6 points out of Dani Ripkey to stay ahead in this one.

Note to self (and [my sister]): got to find out if Carthage hip-hop dancers do shows outside of basketball games. They’ve got the moves!

Taylor Tondelli finally takes a shot, and CLANK. Sad trombone.

Ya know, I am not a fan of boorish behavior, no matter whose side you’re on. There’s a Carthage fan here who really needs to cool off.

Exclusive content starts here: I’m all for getting into sporting events. Lord knows that I left my voice at Pizza Hut Park more than once back when I went to FC Dallas games, but there’s “being a fan” and “being an ass”. Cheering for the players when they play well: Fan. Bitching at the refs rather than support your player that just scored: Ass. Please make a note of it.

12:27 to go, and Carthage leads 52-41. The Elmhurst coach is really giving her team the business during the time out.

Where’s Marv Albert to say “Heather Gilmore for two… AND the foul!” ? Because that just happened. 71-52 Carthage with 5:55 left.

I have to give props to these Elmhurst fans that have refrained from boorish behavior, unlike certain people.

Nice to see Carthage up so convincingly as to pull all of their starters. 79-58 is your final from the Tarble Arena. MWS Blog out!

Carthage plays one more home game this season, then it’s on to the CCIW tournament.



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