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CCIW Women’s Basketball: Carthage College vs North Central College 01/18/2011

Stephanie Kuzmanic

I finally made it back to good old Tarble Arena last night, and since I tend to “live tweet” the games I thought, why not provide the recap using my Twitter feed? I’ll provide director commentary to really punch it up. Here goes:

And he’s baaaaaaack/in the saddlllllllle/aaaaaaaa-gaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin…! Or is that The Tarble? @carthagesports

YOUR Carthage Lady Reds take on North Central College (IL) in conference play at the bottom of the hour.

One of the Carthage players is doing shootaround while wearing unprotected glasses. Confidence or hubris?

That would be freshman guard Stephanie Kuzmanic. She did wear a glasses strap after shootaround but still, she wasn’t sporting the Horace Grant look.

And I just realized that the pep band is providing all of the musical entertainment during pre-game. They’re quite good, akshully.

Naturally right after I tweeted that, the PA played 1.5 songs before the pep band took over again. All or nothing, people!

It’s game time! And when it’s game time, it’s pain time! GO Lady Reds!

That line stolen from the Office Depot® Office Linebacker. Hey, it’s a good line.

Good gravy, the Carthage PG foul trouble is so bad 5 minutes in that Glasses Girl is on the court, in glasses. Sponsored by LensCrafters.

Seriously. Taylor Tondelli is the starter, and while I would like to compare her to UW-Parkside’s own Jadee Rooney, she’s no Jadee Rooney. 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes, 0 points. In comes Gabby Chapa, who picks up 2 more fouls in the next 2 minutes. Kuzmanic comes off the bench (she seemed surprised to be playing) and manages to stay in the game, glasses intact.

Question for the peanut gallery: If one dislikes women’s basketball, why pay to see – wait for it – women’s basketball?

Two guys and two women sat down behind me and one of the guys started to grouse about being at a women’s basketball game and how boring it was gonna be. One of the women asked if he was going to complain all night. I wondered why the guy paid to be there but after the fact remembered that students get in free, IIRC. Still, as the late Mike Royko asked, if you stuck your head in a septic tank, would you protest the odor?

Three! Three Carthage Point Guards in early foul trouble! Ah ah ah! (thunder)

Kuzmanic was probably on her second foul when I said that. The refs were really quick with their whistles last night.

Finally time to give a score update: 28-18 Carthage with 5:42 to go in the first half.

Since this game was not on TV or the radio, there were no “official time outs”. I like to give score updates when the clock is going to sit still for at least 30 seconds.

39-25 Carthage at the half, whose fight song sounds a bit like “they always call him Mister Touchdown”.

“Mister Touchdown” is next to impossible to find online as an auudio file, but find it I did, performed on the dulcimer. The Carthage fight song is completely impossible to find, at least using Google and Bing. Maybe you’ll have better luck and can then compare the two songs.

Carthage has dropped to #42 in the poll since I saw them last, but it’s okay to root for them anyway.

When Ripkey isn’t scoring threes, Groessl takes over. 58-32 Carthage with 13:24 remaining.

Really, if the scoring was presented in pie chart form, a sizable wedge would belong to Dani Ripkey, who opened the scoring for Carthage with back to back threes.

64-45 Carthage with 6:01 remaining. The game seems to be reasonably in the bag but Coach Bernero is having a fit anyway.

Taylor Tondelli *finally* heaves a shot up and…. CLANK (facepalm)

I tend to be hard on Tondelli but it’s tough love. I think she is talented, and she is a starter so somebody thinks so too, but she drives me crazy when she refuses to even try to put points on the board. Really, it’s okay to take shots. Jadee Rooney is right up the road if you want some pointers.

64-54 Carthage with 3:55 to go. North Central is creeping up thanks to sloppy passing by Carthage.

Which is the other half of my Tondelli tough love: She passes the ball around the horn a lot, but – and it’s not just her – that final pass would be limp and ta da! North Central would steal the ball and go on yet another fast break.

67-54 Carthage with 2:06 left. Tondelli at the line after the NC time out. Maybe she will make the score sheet.


Tondelli 4/4 from the line. Way to erase the goose egg!

See? I’m supportive!

73-59 Carthage is your final score from the Tarble Arena. MWS Blog out!

The next Carthage Lady Reds home game is Tuesday, January 25.



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