Posted by: Ethan Johnson | January 15, 2011

IWFL: Wait, What?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the NFL Playoffs are happening right now, but it’s time (already) to talk about the real football action of the IWFL and the Dallas Diamonds.

I was thinking about the Dallas Diamonds today and how I won’t get to see them this season as I am no longer in Texas. I then thought about the Wisconsin Warriors and how they might promote their team this year. Then I got a tweet from the IWFL saying that the 2011 schedule had been released which I checked out immediately. And something was missing: No Dallas Diamonds! But lots of listings for the North Texas Knockouts, which I thought was a new team. (It is.)

To the Dallas Diamonds website! (trumpet flourish)


EXETER, CA — In an unprecedented panorama of unity, the most successful franchises in women’s football have come together for one collective platform. For the first time in history, the best teams in the sport now reside under one umbrella: The Women’s Football Alliance. This development takes effect immediately and will exhibit for the 2011 season beginning in April. Joining teams include: Bay Area Bandits, Boston Militia, Chicago Force, Dallas Diamonds, DC Divas, Kansas City Tribe, New York Sharks, Pittsburgh Passion, and the San Diego Surge. They will accompany current top WFA teams such as the Philadelphia Liberty Belles, Lone Star Mustangs, St. Louis Slam, and the West Michigan Mayhem.


I was under the impression that in the milieu of women’s football organizations, the WFA was smaller potatoes than the IWFL. Then again, all of the leagues brag about being the best, so it’s hard to tell.

This looks to be a huge coup for the WFA, and if this “unification” brings more interest to women’s pro football, bravo.

But this (Kenosha WI) is IWFL country, and I can’t wait to see the Wisconsin Warriors. Since they play right across the street look for much better coverage from me in the 2011 season.



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