Posted by: Ethan Johnson | January 15, 2011

GLVC Women’s Basketball: UW Parkside vs Northern Kentucky 01/15/2011

UW Parkside vs Northern Kentucky

Okay, I’m back.

And despite indeed holing up at the Tarble Arena as often as possible, UW-Parkside finally gets some attention out of me.

UWP took on Northern Kentucky University, which was 12-3 overall going into this game, as was UWP. Both teams were seated at the top of their respective divisions within the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC).

I have to confess to being something of a Carthage snob, so it was hard to get into the game because I didn’t feel much rapport with the team or the school. Not like I am “tight” with Carthage but I am more familiar with that team, to the point of drawing mental comparisons between players from both schools.

But I found my “glue” in the form of Jadee Rooney. She had a hot first half, scoring 9 points in a very low-scoring affair. I wouldn’t say that it was an epic defensive battle, more like UWP was fortunate that NKU made a bunch of mistakes. Rooney went scoreless for most of the second half but the team had help from Amy Selk. 44-36 was the final score.

I’ll probably take in one more game this season. I have to get one of those DIY seat-backs for those bleacher seats, though. I miss you, Tarble Arena!



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