Posted by: Ethan Johnson | November 29, 2010

CCIW Women’s Basketball: Carthage vs Loras College 11/29/2010

Carthage wins the tip off vs Loras

Get ’em while they’re young, they say, and to that end I took my neighbor’s 8 year-old son to see the Carthage College Lady Reds take on Loras College in women’s basketball.

His instant take: “Boring.”

I got there way too early and practice/warm ups were going to last nearly an hour. Or “forever” in 8 year-old years. I had to rush him home to get his PSP, his Nintendo DS, and a book to read. We got back just in time for the tip off.

My basketball buddy played “Gardening Mama” on his DS for most of the first half, awww snap. He did make a few “shocked” faces when Carthage would steal the ball and drive home the lay-up, but otherwise at his age is it ain’t on a video screen, it’s not worth interacting with.

Halftime marked the tipping point: “Torchy” the Carthage mascot was actually on hand (first confirmed sighting since I have been going to Carthage games – someone musta called the Title IX police) and he throws out “snuggies” to the crowd. I motioned to throw one to the kid and he obliged. I caught it over the guy’s head in the row in front of us and he realized I was giving it to a kid and he let go. The kid clung to the package like a life preserver for the rest of the game. And actually payed attention from then on.

Which meant I could pay attention to the game more, and what I saw was Dani Ripkey having a “meh” night, Allison Groessl having such a bad night at one point she put her warm-up jacket back on, and #14 Diana Jacklin carrying the team, more or less. Loras held Carthage scoreless for a small eternity, and the nail-biter was on.

Loras is an… aggressive team, which meant for lots of fouling back and forth, but to our chagrin lots of blown free throw attempts for Carthage.

Despite the low shooting percentage, with snuggie firmly in hand the kid went bananas watching the second half, fully invested in the outcome. He doesn’t quite “get” what or who Carthage is, but he did know they were the “good” team and therefore had to win.

Carthage managed to eke out a 1-point lead, and in the final seconds of regulation they created a loose ball scramble on the floor that killed the clock. 58-57 Lady Reds, and 5-0 on the season.

Loras falls to 2-3 but they’re clearly better than their record. I’d be worried if I were the next opponent on their schedule.

The kid could not wait to get home to tell his mother all about the game, and that “the red team” won by one point and ohmygod he had fun. This from a kid who slumped down in his seat and said he only liked the Chicago Bulls before the game started, and wished that he could be back home playing video games. Now this kid is gonna drive his classmates crazy tomorrow telling them all about women’s basketball. Mission: Not accomplished, but nudged along a little, maybe.

As for Carthage, they face Robert Morris College on Sunday, December 5. Check your local listings.



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