Posted by: Ethan Johnson | November 24, 2010

CCIW Women’s Basketball: Carthage College vs Benedictine 11/23/2010

Carthage College basketball tipoff

As covered via Twitter, Carthage College had their women’s basketball home opener last night.

Right off the bat, I have to give props to the Carthage Sports Information department because every time I attend a CC event at Tarble Arena, they have a flyer typed up and ready to go that tells you everything you need to know about the game you’re seeing. Thanks to my handy flyer, I can say that going into this game Carthage was 2-0, ranked #9 in the national NCAA D-III polls, and head coach Tim Barnero needed one more win to tie Carthage’s all-time winningest coach Diane Mizerka’s record. See? names, narrative, and no tomorrow, all in a nutshell. Why no tomorrow? Because if Carthage won, you wouldn’t get to see him tie the record if you weren’t at the game, silly!

I forgot my camera in my haste to get to the game so my sad cell phone picture above is my only proof that this game happened.

Benedictine (IL) came into this game 2-0 themselves, and I expected them to keep this a close game. They apparently, (Doc Emrick pause for gravitas) did not.

Hold on, I think Carthage just stole the ball and ran another fast break on Benedictine again.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Benedictine started out okay in the early going (whoops, Carthage stole it) and did seem like they could keep it a close game (there’s the layup off the fast break), but then Carthage made them look like (stolen again) flat-footed amateurs.

Okay, enough game film, now what about some names? Who are the players that caught my eye and will be “top of mind” this winter when I follow Carthage women’s basketball?

How about #3 Dani Ripkey? She seemed to be Carthage’s 3-point threat. Or #10 Allison Groooooooessl (applause)? Her name was on the PA so often at one point that I think the ASCAP is suing to get her royalties. And finally for now, #20 Taylor Tondelli. She had some good steals and fast breaks, but good gawd, couldja shoot? I know you’re the point guard and stuff, but really, Leilani Mitchell called and said it’s okay, PGs can shoot the ball.

I really like the Tarble Arena for my D-III sports (D-II, even, sorry UW-Parkside) but women’s basketball was a bit odd in that the in-game experience was like hockey. As in, no incidental music or canned fan favorites like “every-bod-y clap your hands”. Music was played during timeouts and halftime. I would have liked the PA silence more if there had been more people in attendance filling the void. Otherwise instead of the sound of ice skates swooshing along and the sound of the puck hitting the stick blade, it was squeaky shoes and dribbling. Too “rec center” for me, but maybe I’ll get used to it.

Carthage put Benedictine (IL) down 65-49, and now we hold our breaths and wait for Carthage to win one more, crowning Coach Bernero the winningest Carthage women’s basketball coach of all time. Of all time!



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