Posted by: Ethan Johnson | November 5, 2010

CCIW Volleyball: Carthage College vs Illinois Wesleyan 11/02/2010

Carthage College Volleyball

Illinois Wesleyan tries to put over on Carthage College.

Tuesday night, Carthage College faced Illinois Wesleyan in the first round of the CCIW Volleyball Tournament. This conference tournament precedes the upcoming NCAA D-III tournament that takes place November 12-14.

I arrived to the game late, so I don’t have loads of deep insights into this game, but here are some investigative bullet points anyway:

  • I’m not sure why Illinois Wesleyan calls itself “the Titans” and uses a mock-up of “Sparty” from Michigan State. It’s not a carbon copy, but close enough to make one wonder if the mascot is called “Tarty” or something. Arty-Spay? I took to calling them Fake Sparty whilst tweeting the game updates.
  • On the flip side, Carthage is coached by Not Anne Donovan (she’s taaaaaall). Carthage also had a much better season that Wesleyan did, so it was their game to lose.
  • Just when I thought Carthage was going to sweep Fake Sparty back to the Land of Recycled Mascots, Wesleyan turned on the gas and won a game. It seemed to be a blend of Wesleyan getting a burst of confidence and Carthage making ill-timed errors. One move that I enjoy in volleyball is the fake set, where the setter sells it that she is going to “just” set the ball up for an outside hitter and WOOP sends it over the net, fooling the opposition. Yeah, well Carthage got that one fed back to them and Wesleyan took a game.
  • But the good teams rebound, and the great ones put on a clinic, and Carthage took the match 3-1. Onward to the next round.
  • I have to say, I really like Tarble Arena. I am looking forward to basketball, which will arrive later this month.
  • I was shocked, shocked to see that after the game it was completely acceptable to walk onto the court and (gasp!) talk to the players and coaches. I might have to try that sometime.

Carthage is off to Decatur IL to face Elmhurst College on Friday afternoon. Check your local listings.



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