Posted by: Ethan Johnson | October 5, 2010

NCAA: Meet the Carthage College Lady Reds

Right up the road from my apartment on scenic Sheridan Road in Kenosha Wisconsin is Carthage College.

I finally made the trek to the campus “for real” earlier tonight after passing by it like a tour guide several times. It’s situated right on Lake Michigan and appears to be akin to Northwestern University both in terms of lakefront aesthetics and apparently, academics. Also: Confusing parking.

Athletically, Carthage competes in the CCIW (College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin) and only charges admission for football and basketball. I opted to take in women’s soccer on a chilly (to me) night as the Lady Reds took on Robert Morris University.

My camera really doesn’t like night-time photography without a tripod and a 10-second delay, so I don’t have much in the way of photos to share. I will say that Carthage is an NCAA Division III school (not knocking it) which means once again, women’s sports is “crunk”. Check out the halftime pep talk in the locker room:

Carthage halftime talk

Shh, you can't hear our strategy.

Not every soccer fan likes college soccer because there are unlimited substitutions, time-outs, and no stoppage time. If something happens that would have caused a need for stoppage time, the game clock is paused until play resumes. For the purposes of this evening’s game, Carthage might as well have been playing hockey as the substitutions make me think of “lines” rather than a Starting XI with 3 subs in reserve. Robert Morris apparently only brought their Starting XI and as a result (perhaps), they were routed 9-0, last I checked. I left the game as it was pretty well established that Carthage was going to win handily.

Estimated attendance: Let’s just say less than 100.

During half time, I wandered over to the Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center (TARC) and discovered that women’s volleyball was underway against Elmhurst College. The scoreboard was hard to decipher but what I was seeing at that moment was a 1-1 tie with the 3rd set underway.

Carthage volleyball

Carthage preparing to send the ball back over the net.

I did a spit-take as I checked out the sideline because I thought Anne Donovan was branching out. No, that’s Leanne Ulmer. She’s tall.

Leanne Ulmer

Not Anne Donovan directs traffic.

The volleyball game drew a healthier crowd. Not the 2,385 capacity, but we’ll say “at least 300”. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

I wished I could have caught more of the game but I’ll be back there Saturday night as the Lady Reds take on #2 Juniata College.

Oh – and they have a women’s ice hockey team! Just tell me where and when.



  1. The show time will actually be 9:30 – 10:30 tonight. I apologize for the error… I’ve sent you an email to that effect. I’m hoping you can still join me as I’m certain it’ll be an interesting exchange.

    • Not a problem. Thanks for the update!


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