Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 25, 2010

The Face of History

Jaline DeJesus

Jaline DeJesus, Cornerback, Northwestern High School

I am speed-reading through select chapters of Nike is a Goddess and am almost finished with the brief history of women’s soccer. The book was published in 1998 but is still useful for people like me that have a lot of catching up to do.

Today I received an indicator of how times have changed. In the book, Michelle Akers (of USA Soccer fame) reportedly wanted to be a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers but was told “women don’t play pro football.”

The IWFL, WFA, and WSFL beg to differ.

I’ll have more to say about the future of women’s football in a future article, but for now I want to focus on the pictured athlete above, Jaline DeJesus.

She didn’t make a tackle, or even break up a pass. Still, Northwestern (Fla.) High School’s Jaline DeJesus made history in the Miami school’s 38-12 victory over Hialeah Miami Lakes on Thursday night, becoming the first girl to play in a game for one of the top-ranked teams in Florida’s highest division, 6A.

And she did play, if only for a moment. Making the roster was significant, but getting any in-game minutes at all is indeed historic.

As an aside, compare and contrast the comments sections of the above Yahoo News article and this one from the Miami Herald. Yahoo is the company name, not a demographic.

I second the call from a Miami Herald commentor to shine a light on the young women of high school football. I’ll venture a guess that Ms. DeJesus isn’t the first female high school football player, just the one that got major press coverage this weekend.

Congratulations to Jaline DeJesus and to head coach Billy Rolle for recognizing talent and bucking tradition.



  1. Interesting article. More inspiration for daughters everywhere.

  2. this has inspired me to play football.. in the starting of the year 2011 i will be practicing with my high school football team. they practice almost all year around and i cant wait to be apart of this family thank you for the inspiration.


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