Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 22, 2010

UEFA Women’s Champions League Underway

News flash: I don’t have omniscient awareness of every women’s game, league, and tournament. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, I read talk of the UEFA Women’s Champions League and was all, “huh?” Honestly, this is the first I have heard of it. Yes, I have heard of the men’s tournament. And yes, I was aware that women’s soccer teams existed in Europe. Most famously, for me, was having the opportunity to see Kelly Smith and Arsenal win the Women’s FA Cup on Fox Soccer Channel some years back.

Like the men’s version, the Champions League features home-and-away series that eventually whittle the field down all the way to the final two teams, which will meet for opening arguments and parliamentary maneuvers in late 2015. Hey, compared to the CONCACAF Champions League, that’s a weekend 3-on-3 tourney. I kid, I kid. But seriously, the CONCACAF tourney schedule won’t even say when the knockout stages begin. I care, why…?

Anyway, if you like Euro soccer, and you like women’s Euro soccer, now you know that UEFA has a women’s tournament too.



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