Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 21, 2010

Why Women’s Professional Soccer Matters

WPS Ball

I awoke today to the gospel of the Cross-Conference Collector blog, which said, in part,

This morning, my co-writer reminded me of the lesson that I grew up with, as a Catholic, that there are basically two ways to contribute to an organization or cause. One way is monetarily. You put your money where your mouth is. Buy the ticket, go to the game. I am the sort of fan that would much rather buy a ticket to a WPS game than a USWNT game. The league adds another layer to development, where players that aren’t crowned in NCAA are getting the opportunity to show on home soil that not every American player peaks in that limited four-year time-span. The league is where the US pool can diversify and build both talent and consistency, which is admittedly lacking at the W-League/WPSL level. There needs to be recognition that just because the USWNT no longer formally has months of residence and frequent friendlies doesn’t mean that the USWNT player pool hasn’t been in a residency, playing competitive international-level games April through September. Supporting WPS goes a long way towards supporting our national team, so you can have Natasha Kais, Hope Solos, and Abby Wambachs in the future, after those names have retired.

I’m not going to talk all over the linked article, but will add some brief comments, as this is a precursor to a forthcoming article of my own.

One, I just half-joked that my paid-for empty seat at the final game of the 2010 WNBA Finals was my “tithe” to the WNBA. Having lived out of market for years, any way I can slip the league a few bucks is that much more fan-supplied financial support. Interesting to see the religious parallel drawn again, albeit differently.

Two, I have beaten a hole in the drum about this, but here it is again: WPS provides an incredible opportunity for domestic (USA) women’s soccer fans to see top international players live and in person. I just saw a handful of players earlier this month at Toyota Park that normally require a ride on the sofa to watch a game played overseas somewhere, or Utah. I have missed out on seeing Marta in person for two years now, and every present opportunity missed is another future regret.

Three, go read the whole article at the Cross-Conference Collector blog.



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