Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 20, 2010

This Week in Twitter: September 20, 2010

Yes, I am late with this but that’s how it goes. If you’re not following me on Twitter, there’s still time to get exclusive access to tweets about what I had for dinner last night.

First and foremost, I totally forgot to plug All White Kit. I wasn’t aware of this blog prior to my latest foray into Twitteration and ZOMG where has it been all my life? Answer: Not existing until earlier this year apparently, but hells yes, I scoured the archives and you should too.

Celebrity tweets:

  • In response to my consoling about the beating Team Canada got from Germany last week, GK Karina LeBlanc says,

    @mws_blog i have a lot of faith in my teammates that this will be a blessing for us in a couple months

    Hey, it was a friendly. If you’re gonna get stomped, better now than in the 2011 WWC.

  • Olympic gold medalist Jessica Mendoza has been pulling sideline reporting duty for ESPNU college football games. I asked if she was assigned to LSU games or if it was coincidence that she had 2 LSU games in a row, and she said,

    @mws_blog just coincidence!

    Tune in to Jessica Mendoza’s tweets for the scoop on what game she is covering next and when. She is doing a great job in this new role.

  • Hope Solo chimed in – not to me personally – with the latest behind the scenes news:

    In 5 months, I will be in better shape than I ever have been. I’m committed. There will be a new and improved me!

    Ummm let’s be clear suspension and surgery don’t go hand in hand. It hasn’t been a bad week. Best week ever in fact,

    at home, away from the league, and full of excitement to finally take the right steps to fix my shoulder. I’m nothing but smiles. 🙂

    Plus I’ve got the cutest nephew in the world and a mom that makes the best tacos! Life is nothing but peaches!

    We go now to LIVE TEAM COVERAGE of Hope Solo’s tweets and what they portend for WPS, the Atlanta Beat, and the USA National Team. To Cleveland:

    Thanks for that, now to British Columbia:

    And now down to Houston, where the All White Kit blog interviewed Solo’s medical team… and… I’m being told that no, they didn’t.

    Somewhat more seriously: One, best wishes to Hope Solo for a speedy recovery.

    Two, I really don’t want Hope Solo to end up in a Brianna Scurry in the 2007 WWC situation. If she’s the go-to GK, then yes, I want Solo in net and solid backups just in case. If not, don’t hem and haw and try to get by on a less than 100% Hope Solo.

    Three: I was not aware of any shoulder issues, not that I have Solo’s medical history at arm’s length. But, I’m serious: This is the first I have heard of it. This is not like Candace Parker finally getting shoulder surgery since the NCAA playoffs when she dislocated it.

Finally, if you’re not plugged in to Alex Mendenhall’s tweets, well, what kind of life is that?



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