Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 14, 2010

WNBA: The Scotiabank of Women’s Basketball Revealed!

Before I launched this site so I’d quit clogging up my other blog with sports yammering, I asked, “Who is the Scotiabank of Women’s Basketball?

The WNBA is not a not-for-profit enterprise and does have a diverse pool of funding: Sponsors, ticket sales, licensing/apparel, and yes, money from the NBA. I don’t expect that any one company our source of funding will be enough to support the entire league. But as I mull over the current state of women’s athletics and the propensity for some to insist that they be treated like causes rather than entertainment, I wonder who or what could or would align with the WNBA in a way to make it part of their brand identity, similar to Scotiabank.

Well, as of yesterday, we now have the answer: BBVA is the Scotiabank of Women’s Basketball.

The BBVA Group and the National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced a new multiyear marketing partnership that will highlight the bank’s financial products and services to the league’s broad and passionate fanbase. As part of the partnership, BBVA will serve as the Official Bank of the NBA, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), and the NBA Development League (NBA D-League) in the United States, Spain and Puerto Rico.


To tip off its WNBA partnership, BBVA will receive significant exposure during the 2010 WNBA Finals presented by adidas featuring the Atlanta Dream and Seattle Storm. BBVA’s logo will be prominently featured on both teams’ jerseys for the entire series, marking the first time a single marketing partner will receive exposure on the jerseys of both teams competing in the WNBA Finals, other than the league’s official outfitter.

If you want to support the official bank of the WNBA, switch to Compass, if that is an option for you. Click here for branch locations. Compass does not operate in Illinois or Wisconsin so I’ll have to find another way to support BBVA. (Apparently, driving on the Chicago Skyway Bridge is a good start.)

In the meantime, let me just say this about the “haters”: Completely, totally, and utterly irrelevant. Show some love to BBVA Compass.



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