Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 12, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 22 Results

It’s time once again to check in with the WPS Fantasy Challenge.

This update is extra special because it is the last one of the season (awwww!). Did I stage a massive comeback and win the signed Marta boot, hot dogs for life, or whatever the contest prize was, or just fade out into bitter obscurity? The results probably won’t shock you:

WPS fantasy results

Final Fantasy United

Thanks, fantasy roster report, for not being updated at “go time”. Hence Bompastor in the lineup. I thought Sinclair was in Rome so I didn’t put her in instead. (Switches over to my Twitter account in a huff: “This is so unfair why is #WPS roster report not updated this is crap I am never playing fantasy again!!!1111oneoneone”)

Ahem. Glad that’s out of my system. Hey! 2000 followers!

Anyway, of course Captain A-Rod has one shot on goal and doesn’t play the whole 90. Of course Sinclair has a bust-out game because she’s not on the roster. Of course my midfield netted exactly ZERO fantasy points. Like they say, desperate money never wins. I also think this is why they call it “gambling”. (Kicks can, walks with a pronounced slouch with hands in pockets and head down.)

Week 22 (Final) ranking: #884
Week 21 ranking: #959
Week 20 ranking: #801
Week 19 ranking: #734
Week 18 ranking: #592
Week 17 ranking: #773
Week 16 ranking: #681
Week 15 ranking: #662
Week 14 ranking: #738
Week 13 ranking: #748
Week 12 ranking: #743
Week 11 ranking: #808
Week 10 ranking: #1016
Week 9 ranking: #1083
Week 8 ranking: #1272
Week 7 ranking: #1096
Week 6 ranking: #1437
Week 5 ranking: #1403
Week 4 ranking: #1429
Week 3 ranking: #1427
Week 2 ranking: #1463
Week 1 ranking: #1345

Well, definitely could have ended stronger, but finishing inside of the 1000 mark was something of a moral victory, especially with my penchant for rostering inactive players.

I’d normally say “until next time” but I am not sure what the scoop is going to be with WPS 2011, so I’ll keep things positive and say never mind this Fantasy crap, let’s enjoy the playoffs!



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