Posted by: Ethan Johnson | September 9, 2010

This Week in Twitter: September 9, 2010

(Or, TWiT, which is soooo original.)

I finally took the plunge and signed up for Twitter. I had used the service before both for business and pleasure and found it to be either tedious or lacking, and took my leave. But after giving Twitter a fresh look, I found that it might be a good method to keep an ear to the ground for information concerning women’s athletics. And it is! Here are some things I found out this week via Twitter:

  • North Texas is getting another women’s football team. The North Texas Knockouts plan to start playing in 2011. I don’t live there anymore but wish them well from afar.
  • There is a free Family Sports Fest happening in Chicago on Saturday, September 18. The WPS Chicago Red Stars and WNBA Chicago Sky will be there, along with several other teams and organizations. I may have a conflicting engagement but if not, I’ll see you there!
  • Canadian great Hayley Wickenheiser is tweeting (news to me, but many things are), and passed along a story about Norway making strides in improving their women’s hockey program. Good to see her following up on what’s happening in the wake of the World Hockey Summit.
  • Have you signed up for your free subscription to Our Game Magazine? It’s an e-zine that covers women’s soccer. WPS players have been helping get the word out and Boston’s Tiffany Weimer got the credit for my subscription. If you take a notion, please credit “Mister Women’s Sports blog” if you sign up. Not sure what that does for anyone but I guess they’ll know who is plugging their zine.

    (Instant update: As told via Twitter, of course: “TiffanyWeimer @mws_blog the winner gets a PUMA ball signed by Marta and her starting 11 from the WPS All-Star Game” See? So be the one to refer the most people to Our Game Magazine today!)

  • The WNBA Finals start this Sunday, and Anger McCoughtry says, “No need to congratulate anymore. The task is not over[.]” I feel like I’m right there.

If you use Twitter, and want my exclusive insights in real time, click on over and follow mws_blog. A sample of my unique pearls may be found on the right sidebar on the Mister Women’s Sports site (not the feed).



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