Posted by: Ethan Johnson | August 31, 2010

Information Overload: Links Added August 2010

At right (on the site, not on your RSS reader of choice) you will notice an ever-expanding list of links called “Information Overload”. Before things spiral completely out of control, I am starting a new feature noting what links have been added each month. Feel free to suggest more in the comments box below (as able, it does shut off after a while) or by sending me an email (click the “about” link on the site for the address).

Chicago Force: The local IWFL team for the Chicago area. Since I moved [back] from Texas last month I am adding Chicago and WI-area team links as I find them.

Defend Her Sports: Athletic apparel site that bills itself as “The Original and ONLY manufacturer of Woman’s specific Professional Football Uniforms.”

Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL): They sponsor Chicago Red Stars (WPS) games, and I finally looked them up.

Julie Foudy Leadership Academy: It services 3 states. Check your local listings.

Madison Dragons: WFA team that is in its infancy. Check them out if you are in striking distance of Madison WI.

Racine Rhinos: WSFL team that is in its infancy, but seems to be further along than the Madison Dragons. I am looking forward to seeing them in 2011.

The Chicago Outfit: Recent full-fledged members of the WFTDA (roller derby).

Western Women’s Hockey League: One half of the leagues that compete for the Clarkson Cup.

Windy City Rollers: Chicago’s more “senior” roller derby team, meaning they were around before the Chicago Outfit.

Women for Women International: I don’t like to make a public display of my charitable giving, but this surely merits an exception. Please take a moment to read their What We Do page to learn more about their mission and approach, and consider making a donation, as I have.

American Women’s Baseball Federation (AWBF): “American Women’s Baseball Federation (AWBF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit Amateur Sports Organization formed to organize and promote baseball as a mainstream and lifetime opportunity for women in the United States and around the world.”

Chicago Women’s Rugby Football Club: “Legend has it that the Chicago Women’s Rugby Team was founded by a bunch of women who thought they would show their husbands and boyfriends just how rugby was really played.”

USA Rugby WNT: “We are the USA Rugby Women’s National Team (WNT). We WaNT to invade England in 2010 for the Women’s Rugby World Cup. We WaNT to represent USA with all our might. We WaNT to inspire young women. We WaNT to tackle anything that stands in our way of playing the sport we love at its highest level. We WaNT rugby. Join us. Follow us. Support us. When you WaNT.”

US Women’s Rugby Foundation: “The US Women’s Rugby Foundation is a proud sponsor of the USA Rugby Women’s National Team (WNT).”

The Women’s Basketball News Server: I found this in my referer log recently. Seems to be an aggregator for all things women’s basketball.



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