Posted by: Ethan Johnson | August 23, 2010

Site Update

Before I post yet another WPS Fantasy Report, a quick note to say that yes, I am working up the numbers for the WNBA regular season stats (if you jumped the gun via Google, next time read the results text before committing) and will have them up by Friday. Frankly, I am not having a thrill a minute crunching the numbers and may retire this exercise pending a change of heart.

More links have been added to the sidebar and I will perhaps put up a post giving them some context and perhaps Google Juice™.

Sorry that there hasn’t been loads of substance here lately but no sooner did I move to IL when I received word that I might be moving again to Wisconsin. Needless to say that is consuming the energy I normally would have to devote to my mission and by extension, this site.

Oh well, back to number crunching…



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