Posted by: Ethan Johnson | July 19, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 14 Results

It’s time once again to check in with the WPS Fantasy Challenge.

I’m still in the triple digits, but for how long?

WPS fantasy results

Longshot Bet United

Despite receiving better pre-match intel concerning players being out for National Team duty, it was still a beating coming up with a viable – and competitive – roster. I did roll the dice big time on Washington being a defensive juggernaut and I lost the farm – well, on defense points anyway. Gotta love my front three!

Week 14 ranking: #738 (Shrug)

Week 13 ranking: #748

Week 12 ranking: #743

Week 11 ranking: #808

Week 10 ranking: #1016

Week 9 ranking: #1083

Week 8 ranking: #1272

Week 7 ranking: #1096

Week 6 ranking: #1437

Week 5 ranking: #1403

Week 4 ranking: #1429

Week 3 ranking: #1427

Week 2 ranking: #1463

Week 1 ranking: #1345

Oh well, it could have been better, could have been worse, so I’ll take the scant points and try to crack into the 600s this coming weekend.

Until next time…



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