Posted by: Ethan Johnson | July 18, 2010

Soon, A Sky Full of Red Stars

Announcement: I am moving back to the Chicago metro area no later than August 6th.

While I have enjoyed discovering and supporting local women’s athletics, such as the Dallas Diamonds, Lone Star Mustangs, Richardson Women’s Hockey League, Dallas Derby Devils, and Assassination City Roller Derby, I must return to my “homeland” and in so doing, will become active up there in service and support of my mission.

To that end, I already have a ticket to the WPS Chicago Red Stars versus the Chicago Sky.

I have been wanting to be “in market” for the WNBA and WPS and here is my opportunity. Unfortunately, the WNBA season will be reaching playoffs mode when I am getting settled in so WPS got the nod for live attendance this year.

I am not turning my back on the local women’s sports scene and will be offering my support from afar. I am pleased and honored to have been exposed to the exciting teams and visions of the DFW area.

Futher bulletins as events warrant.



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