Posted by: Ethan Johnson | July 5, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 12 Results

It’s time once again to check in with the WPS Fantasy Challenge.

We’re finally sub-1000 in the weekly rankings, but would our good fortune continue?

WPS fantasy results

Abbys n Martas XI United

I had to cut Hope Solo this week based on the matchups, plus I am bit concerned about her performance after her South Africa trip. Getting lit up at the all-star game is one thing, but getting creamed 4-0 in regulation is not what we’re looking for.

Week 12 ranking: #743 (Hip hip… hooray!)

Week 11 ranking: #808

Week 10 ranking: #1016

Week 9 ranking: #1083

Week 8 ranking: #1272

Week 7 ranking: #1096

Week 6 ranking: #1437

Week 5 ranking: #1403

Week 4 ranking: #1429

Week 3 ranking: #1427

Week 2 ranking: #1463

Week 1 ranking: #1345

I can’t believe “Captain” Abby got blanked on the stat line but it’s my fault for not having faith in my GK to wear the captain’s arm band and get us the points bonus. I’ll take what we did get and hope to capitalize on it going into Week 13.

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