Posted by: Ethan Johnson | June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Title IX!

I can’t claim to be “Mister Title IX” and profess deep knowledge of Title IX, but the more I have studied it from the periphery the more of an advocate I am becoming. So it was very useful for me – and perhaps to you, the erstwhile reader – to get schooled by way of the Title IX Blog and a post titled “Mythbusting in Honor of Title IX’s Anniversary. A snippet:

Myth: “Title IX activists” started “pushing for” proportionality in the 1990s.

Fact: It was actually football lobby that proposed a proportionality standard to OCR when it was coming up with its regulatory interpretations in the 1970s. They thought it would be an easier than a 50/50 standard for colleges to meet, because at that time male college students outnumbered women. As Donna Lopiano says, now that women are the majority of college students, “the shoe now pinches.”

Read the whole thing, and happy anniversary Title IX!



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