Posted by: Ethan Johnson | June 20, 2010

WPS: Petrel’s First Time

KSU soccer stadium sign

Image totally stolen from Petrel, and I am making millionzadollaz off of his hard work. 😛

I had hoped to actually be there when it happened, but Petrel from the Pleasant Dreams blog went to his first WPS game.

3) Noisemakers. They had them. Oh, not the vuvuzela that is causing all that controversy, but some local company was handing out cowbells as a promotional item. Can you imagine the crowd at Philips Arena armed with anything louder than thundersticks? To paraphrase the call to arms broadcasted randomly at KSU, “Guess what? Philips Arena’s got a fever, and the only prescription…is more cowbell!!”

More cowbell. Think about it, Kathy Betty.

I do need to clarify a plot point as it has WNBA ramifications: The “free” tickets were bought by me and donated to Petrel as he was local and I was buying tickets to support the team/league. It’s not a big deal to where I am looking for some sort of repayment (the article works for me), but instead I want to underscore what I am talking about when I say that it is possible to support teams and leagues while being officially out of market.

For leagues like Women’s Professional Soccer or the WNBA, it is possible to buy tickets to events from afar (neither league has a Dallas franchise) to ensure that the team/league gets the money directly. My seats (plural) were going to be officially “filled” yet empty. I wasn’t thinking of the new fan experience when I bought the tickets or would have picked closer seats. Yes, Petrel, closer! Muah ha ha! But really, soccer is best seen live as close to the pitch as possible.

Another slight clarification, no biggie: The Chicago Red Stars are sporting the Chicago flag design, which is why their uniforms look the way they do. The Chicago flag may be observed here.

I have been thinking about buying WNBA seats in a similar fashion as I am not generally able to make road trips to Tulsa or San Antonio. Officially, the New York Liberty is my team so as the opportunity presents itself I may create another “empty seats” illusion and perhaps donate the tickets via Rebkell. I bring all of this up because historically I have been met with pushback about buying out-of-market tickets. I was a St Louis Athletica season ticket holder from the beginning because I wanted to pay even a little of Hope Solo’s salary, and to support the fledgling league. Now that team has been dissolved (way to go, Maloofs of the Midwest) and they have effectively become the “Atlantica” which is good news for the Beat fans as the injection of new talent should really help the Beat get over their inaugural season funk that they seemed trapped in. Keep watching, Petrel and company… I think the Beat are going to do better than “one-fer” this year.

Being “from Chicago”, I like to joke that I am in the “solutions business”, as said with a no-necked mobster voice. The Beat sold some extra tickets, Petrel got to see his first WPS game, the Beat got some additional (local) publicity, I supported the Second and Third objectives of my mission… everyone’s happy, everyone wins. (Strokes pinky ring.)

I would like to have a crazy Atlanta Sports Weekend sometime and see the Dream, the Beat, and the Atlanta Rollergirls. Petrel won’t know what hit him.

By the way, apparently Hope Solo was in South Africa “fulfilling sponsor obligations”. I dunno if that means she was in the Puma® dunk tank or what, but UGH, I felt awful telling Petrel she’d be there (the Beat sold the tickets with a Hope Solo promotion so I stand by the pre-war intelligence) only to be bait ‘n switched. I’m glad the Beat notched their first win and Petrel was on hand to witness history.



  1. I’ve been an Atlanta Dream season ticket holder from the beginning and agree we need to make more noise for our team. I’ll be taking my cowbell next weekend!


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