Posted by: Ethan Johnson | June 20, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 10 Results

It’s time once again to check in with the WPS Fantasy Challenge.

In our last episode, my fantasy team got as close to the 900s as it has ever been. This isn’t the time for wholesale roster changes, is it?

WPS fantasy results

Patchwork Quilt United

This is what you call “fumbling toward competence.”

Week 10 ranking: #1016 (Sí se puede otra vez!)

Week 9 ranking: #1083

Week 8 ranking: #1272

Week 7 ranking: #1096

Week 6 ranking: #1437

Week 5 ranking: #1403

Week 4 ranking: #1429

Week 3 ranking: #1427

Week 2 ranking: #1463

Week 1 ranking: #1345

I didn’t plan on using all 6 of my allotted roster changes this week but circumstances conspired to make it necessary. Bardsley couldn’t be in goal this week anyway as she was out of the country, and Hope Solo couldn’t return to the roster because she was in South Africa (d’oh). I cobbled together a team as best as I could but I really could have done better.

BUT, the numbers continued to improve thanks to A-Rod, so I am going to call it a win and press on to next week.

Until next time…



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