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WFA: Lone Star Mustangs vs Austin Outlaws 061210

Regular readers of this blog should be familiar (by now) with the real football action of the IWFL and the Dallas Diamonds. But there are other women’s pro leagues, and the other local offering is the Lone Star Mustangs of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA). As promised, I made the trek out to southwest Dallas to check them out against the Austin Outlaws.

The question America is asking: Is the WFA the home of real football action?

Oh, heck yes.

Some background about the Mustangs: Normally, they share Pennington Field in Bedford with the IWFL Dallas Diamonds. Apparently Our Tax Dollars are at work because this game was moved to [Bumble] because Pennington Field was getting some sort of maintenance done. Maybe Stanley Steemer™ is cleaning the playing field. Today’s game was played on the campus of Mountain View College, and while I didn’t see any mountains from my vantage point I did see real football action and thanks to my camera working much better in the daylight (night and indoors seem to be challenging) so will you.

Mountain View Sports Complex arch

Oooh, classy.

Apparently Mountain View College has a larger stadium, but the smaller multi-purpose field worked out nicely, complete with real grass and a smaller grandstand than Pennington Field. Unfortunately it was metal bench seating, in the Texas heat. The sun moved behind the top of the grandstand and took the pressure off of my sunscreen. The scoreboard wasn’t exactly set up with football in mind but the Mustang crew made it work well enough for their purposes.

Mustang warmup

My first look at the Lone Star Mustangs.

Like the IWFL’s Dallas Diamonds, the Mustangs are looking for a trip to the WFA playoffs, and ultimately the championship game in Las Vegas. Going in to this game the Mustangs racked up an impressive 6-0 record, including a shutout of their prior opponent on the road. Austin was 4-2 going into this game but lost at home to the Mustangs earlier this season.

Dallas skyline

Dallas skyline as seen from the southwest.

Austin Outlaws pre-game

My first look at the Austin Outlaws.

But: New game, new day.

Opening kick-off

Wow, I actually caught the opening kick off with my camera!

Since I approach these things from an experiential point of view rather than trying to be a Serious Journalist, I continued my bad habit of not bringing anything to take notes with other than my camera. So I can’t give a play-by-play recap of the game, but that was never my intent with this site anyway. My message was, and is, go to the [events] and experience them for yourself, then tell your friends about them. This is no exception. I’m going to switch to photo essay mode for a while.

Mustangs in-game action

Real football action.

Odessa Jenkins

Odessa Jenkins entering the field.

Mustangs in-game otra vez

Mustangs player catching a screen pass.

I don’t normally take photos of kids, especially kids I have no connection to, but I made an exception because at halftime I saw some little kids taking turns chasing each other with the football. That there were boys and a girl in the game caught my attention. Kids can be excellent examples to us adults, and seeing the kids take turns with the football without declaring – as would have been the case not that long ago – that football isn’t for girls. It would have been hard to defend that argument after an afternoon of women’s pro football.

Kids playing at halftime

Kids being kids.

Outlaws in-game action

Outlaws player getting tackled - middle of crowd.

Outlaws TD run that was called back.

Outlaws negated TD run

Mustangs dropped TD pass

The agony of the dropped TD pass.

I broke another self-imposed taboo and opted to take a photo of some fans in attendance. There were three young men in the next section over from me that I will call the “White Tees”. At least one seemed to be a veteran fan, as he called out a few people by name. They were really vocal in their support – or disdain – and again served as something of a bellwether for the game and women’s athletics in particular. I got the impression that the White Tees could have been 1,000 other places this afternoon but chose to check out the Mustangs game. Or maybe they were forced to be there by a family member. Either way, it was great to hear their enthusiasm and specific comments, such as critiquing a player that dropped a pass, which in my view added a layer of credibility. Meaning, lest I get flamed into oblivion for saying that awkwardly, it’s not just me saying that Lone Star Mustangs football is real football action. The White Tees think so too, along with lots of other people that braved the Texas heat to take in an afternoon of football.

White Tees

The White Tees showing some love.

Mustangs TD

Mustangs TD, but the ref raised his arms too slowly for this pic.

Mustangs kickoff

Mustangs kicking off after the TD.

The Lone Star Mustangs won the game 38-7, largely on the play of #3 Odessa Jenkins.

Final score

Final score.

I heard some of the Austin Outlaws getting down on themselves in the post-game huddle but I don’t think they’re a bad team, they just plain got beat by the Mustangs. The Outlaws broke off some long runs and even had a touchdown run called back, so it wasn’t for lack of trying that they lost. Plus, the score is inflated because for whatever reason, the Mustangs opted to run the 2-point conversion after every touchdown. The widening point gap couldn’t have helped Austin’s morale, but the team seemed positive during the game and I didn’t see/hear any sideline meltdowns like I did at Dallas Diamonds games when the visiting team was losing.

Anyway, the season is going to wrap up soon so if you haven’t checked out WFA or IWFL football yet, check your local listings and have some hot fun in the summertime!



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