Posted by: Ethan Johnson | June 9, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 8 Results

It’s time once again to check in with the WPS Fantasy Challenge.

Another short ‘n sweet update as I was out of town this weekend and haven’t even started to watch the FSC Game of the Week from this past Sunday.

Week 8 fantasy stats

Team Retrograde

I see how it is. The cat’s away, so the mice will… apparently get lit up for lots of goals or accomplish exactly nothing on the stat line for 90 minutes.

Week 8 ranking: #1272 (Headdesk)

Week 7 ranking: #1096

Week 6 ranking: #1437

Week 5 ranking: #1403

Week 4 ranking: #1429

Week 3 ranking: #1427

Week 2 ranking: #1463

Week 1 ranking: #1345

The Fantasy Challenge has become even more challenging with the advent of a weekly “bye team”. I think I have 11 active players slated for this coming weekend and have taken care not to pit my forwards against my goalie. We’ll see how that shakes out.

(As an aside, good to see that Hope Solo has landed a spot on the Atlanta Beat roster. Maybe Atlanta can turn their season around with some help from their Athletica pick-ups. We won’t know until Week 10 at the earliest as Atlanta is idle this week.)

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