Posted by: Ethan Johnson | May 23, 2010

IWFL: Dallas Diamonds vs Kansas City Tribe 05/22/2010

(Edited below)

I will start things off by saying that I was a bad journalist and worse sports blogger yesterday because I brought a date (!) to the game and therefore wasn’t going to seek out post-game interviews or hang out on the visiting side. But the date and the game managed to happen simultaneously, and the Dallas Diamonds faced their toughest test at home this season against the Kansas City Tribe.

Dallas Diamonds

Jen Welter (middle) and company line up for the player intros

This was a rare afternoon game, and I forgot to bring sunscreen. I didn’t bring an umbrella either because I thought I’d be turned away at the gate because of some stadium rule or another. Nope, turns out umbrellas are okay.

Dallas Diamonds in-game

Dallas Diamonds in-game action

Part of the spectating experience for us was to watch our skin turn red. A woman behind us was trying to scout out who brought sunscreen because she didn’t being any either, but beyond a small flock of umbrella-users, there didn’t seem to be much sun protection to be had. If the Diamonds have plans on any more afternoon games maybe Pennington Field will get a nickname like “The Anvil” because the Sun beats down on you all day, while the Diamonds beat down the other team.

Dallas Diamonds QB

Dallas Diamonds QB prepares to take the snap

We arrived early to check out the pre-game warmups. KC doesn’t seem to go in for big shows of force and bravado, or else they did all of that stuff before we got there. Other teams would do gang chants and practice hard hits to show how rough and tough they are, only to get flattened later. I knew going into this that KC wasn’t going to be on the receiving end of a lopsided beating, and their businesslike approach to warmups underscored this.

Dallas Diamonds completed pass

A Dallas player catches a screen pass - middle of photo

However, KC didn’t seem to be at full roster strength. I wonder if the home teams have a distinct advantage to the point of being guaranteed a win, or if the travel team has to be something of an “all star” squad. I’ll have to research that sometime.

(Edit 5/25: The Diamonds owner – among others – objected to the term “semi pro” and it has been removed. After some research into the term and what I *meant* to convey in the above sentence, I do not want to give off the incorrect impression that the IWFL or the Dallas Diamonds are some sort of half-baked outfit. My apologies for the choice of words.)

Dallas Diamonds tackle

No. 21 makes the stop for Dallas

My date is a native Texan so if anyone could give a credible verdict as to the Dallas Diamonds being the home of real football action, it’s her. I think she had to process the culture shock of seeing women playing full-contact football, but as the game wore on and Angellica Grayson laying a massive sack on the KC quarterback, she was feeling the excitement.

TV camera

Wow, the game was on tee-vee

But would she ever want to come to another game? “Yes.” Her only gripe, if that is the word for it, was that she was not used to football being played in the spring or summer. I agree that the fall really is the time for “football weather” but as the Diamonds normally play at night the Sun isn’t as much of a problem and you can just enjoy the game.

She also noted that when she saw the real football action and players were slamming into each other hard enough that we could hear the collision 50 yards away that she didn’t care who was out there, those hits were gonna leave a mark.

Dallas left their mark on KC 35-21. Dallas got some good runs in, and a few exciting passes off but as predicted, KC wasn’t going to let Dallas “just” take the win. At one point KC busted loose with a huge TD run (to my chagrin) but my date had nothing but respect saying that KC earned the touchdown.

Dallas Diamonds final score

Dallas wins!

The Dallas Diamonds close out the regular season on the road against the Houston Energy on Saturday, June 5.

Dallas victory celebration

Dallas celebrates the win

Dallas handshake line

Dallas forms the handshake line

I don’t know what the playoffs scoop is yet but will report on that when those details become available.

In the meantime, I hope these articles have inspired you to give the real football action of the IWFL a try. Go Diamonds!



  1. #21 is multi-year veteran Jen Ferrell, one of the hardest hitting and smartest defensive backs you’ll find.

    The playoff picture is as follows the Diamonds are in as of now. They are second in their division behind Chicago, who plays this K.C. Tribe in two weeks.

    You are correct in saying not everybody may get to travel. It comes down to expense and availability. These ladies DO have day jobs that pay better than football. Sometimes the travel is too demanding of the schedule.

  2. AND to clarify one MINOR detail in your blog…

    These women are classified as PROFESSIONAL… NOT semi-pro… the only difference between them and the Cowboys is gender, sponsorship, AND the fact these women do it for the luv of the game… not the paycheck!!

    See ya soon if ya travel to Houston with the team

  3. Point taken Madness. I was agonizing over that term and I didn’t mean it as a put-down. I was trying to convey that financial realities exist that make it difficult for the entire team to travel, etc. As I hope I have expressed in the article the Dallas Diamonds are the home of real football action and there’s nothing “amateur” about it.

    BTW (to the world) I was out with my date tonight and she says she was talking up the game at work all day today. Here’s to more Diamonds fans!

  4. all’s kewl there… like I’m sure you noted .. they are a group of great ladies who do this for the luv of the game. Work regular jobs and have to find funding on thier own for travel and equipment. I sure wish the corparate world would catch a good whiff of this and bring in the support needed to help keep the sport alive… now I’m not talking crazy money but at least enough to help these ladies/coaches/staff/owners/etc be LESS financially strapped.


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