Posted by: Ethan Johnson | May 1, 2010

Ready to Kick Ass

Superhero pose

I just got home from watching Kick-Ass, a promising but rather disappointing action film. The purpose of this article is not to review that film. Instead, I am fired up about the best part of the movie: The commitment to a dream tempered by the frustration that you’re just one person, and unsure what power you really have to make a difference. I was going to explore my thoughts about the movie at my other blog, but that was before I checked my regular reading rotation and saw the announcement that there is a new “semi-pro” women’s basketball league in the works called the WUSBA. Petrel had this to say on his blog:

Major leagues get started by a bunch of crazy people with money – sometimes, more money than sense – and before you know, it snowballs into something big. The goal of the WUSBL is to be the “triple-A” of the WNBA – a big ambition – but great oaks grow from small acorns.

Yes, yes, oh my God, yes.

Petrel noted that there is another semi-pro league called the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League. I was shocked to learn that they have as many as three Dallas-area teams.

Now: In my most recent article I spoke of being inspired and motivated after reading the latest issue of Ice Magazine but was light on specifics. Here is what I edited out of that article.

I was going to explicitly mention that someone ought to be thinking about semi pro basketball and hockey in Dallas, and the Allen Event Center would be a fantastic venue to present such teams. I am glad to learn that someone else didn’t want around for me to get these funny ideas and have already either formed a semi-pro basketball team locally, or has one in the works.

Here’s what the WBCBL doesn’t have: A webmaster.


The line that resonated most with me in the movie Kick-Ass was “you can’t reprogram who you are.”

Okay, I won’t.

But yeah, that WBCBL web site needs some serious redesigning.

Time to kick ass.



  1. I didn’t even mention the Women’s Eastern Basketball Alliance, which has a lot to be modest about.

    P. S. That movie rocked.


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