Posted by: Ethan Johnson | April 26, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 3 Results

After a, uh, challenging first time out in the WPS Fantasy Challenge, I rallied the troops and expected great, just did it, recognized awesome, and saw extraordinary. But the actual playing of the game and scoring of the points was done by my Fantasy team. Did my inspiring leadership work? Did Team AABlog rise to the top of the WPS Fantasy standings? And what about… Naomi?

The answers to these questions and perhaps more, next.

WPS fantasy results week 3

Defenders Mostly United


Really, where would I be without the defense? Fortunately Sky Blue FC pulled out the win which meant my two SBFC defenders bagged 10 points each, plus Hope Solo got her usual double-digit allotment. But that Athletica/breakers game was plagued by a huge puddle near the goal box that on the one hand prevented some shots on goal, but on the other hand, prevented shots on goal. I watched the game, I saw Shannon Boxx on the pitch in full uniform, but she was trying to set up assists which didn’t net her any Shots On Goal points. Word to the WPS’ers: Take at least ONE shot on goal per game.

Boxxie! You’re still “Sandbag” until next week, but good hustle! (Clap clap clap)

I knew it was a questionable call pitting my two forwards against each other but I didn’t want to ruin the team chemistry that is desperately trying to build. But UGH, 2 points per forward isn’t gonna get it done. I may need to open the cheque-book and call in a different striker. Or I can blame the rain and soaked pitch and grind it out one more week with Team Status Quo.

Week 3 ranking: #1427 (Progress!)

Week 2 ranking: #1463

Week 1 ranking: #1345

Okay, ladies, we need BIG numbers this week. Sonia, I want you and Ally to take shots on goal and Sonia… get out w-i-d-e to set up some corners or an assist. Stephanie, if I see one more week of negative numbers you’re going to the bench. This is the WPS, ladies, and anyone who puts up “not positive” numbers Won’t Play Soccer! Are you with me? And Hope… don’t make me sorry I made you captain. You’re #1, and when you’re #1 we’re #1. I want that ball out of our net!

Now bring it in.

Let’s show those other Fantasy players that we give the best pre-game pep talks! “Leadership” on three!

Let’s get this ranking down to the high triple digits! Who’s with me?



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