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IWFL: Dallas Diamonds vs Minnesota Vixen 4/24/2010

Okay, sports fan, it’s time for the Real Football Action.

Previously: I attended my first Dallas Diamonds game as a newly minted season ticket holder. Dallas beat the Houston Energy quite handily. Could they defend their home turf against the Vixens of Minnesota?

Oh, heck yes.

Minnesota sideline

That is either a very thin travel squad or they thought this was the other kind of football that allows only three substitutions per game.

(And yes, other than stupidly not charging up my camera battery before the game, I wrangled some halfway decent in-game shots.)

If I would have actually read my ticket stub (novel idea), I would have known that the game started at 7:00pm and not 7:30pm. I was in my seat right when the opening kickoff happened. Houston got the ball first but wasn’t able to do much.

Dallas set the tone right away with their first possession, scoring a quick touchdown.

Dallas Diamongs action

Dallas QB scramble

Then Dallas pushed Minnesota back into their own end zone and snagged a safety, which made up for botching the extra point attempt after the first touchdown. And Dallas scored again, again, again, and… again.

Dallas Diamonds in-game

Three guesses what the outcome of this play probably was.

Dallas Diamonds touchdown run

Three guesses where this player was heading with the ball.

As a friendly reminder, IWFL games are not “flag football”. They’re not “powder puff”. They’re not “two hand touch”. This is full-on, full-contact tackle football.

Dallas Diamonds run stop

Real. Football. Action.

I can’t blame the camera for missing most of the touchdown shots this time. The joy of being too tall for the seats behind the first row means I had a constant parade of people walking by right when Dallas kicked on the afterburners. The shot below is not helped by the official that is NOT signaling “touchdown”. It was, in fact a touchdown.

Dallas Diamonds touchdown

Yes, that would be another touchdown.

I did a double take when I saw a Univision TV camera trot along. Good to see the Diamonds getting exposure, any way, any how.

Noticias 23

Speaking of Futbol...

Since the game was a shellacking in the first quarter, I made the trek over to the visitor’s side for the second. I for sure expected a clearer vantage point. It allowed me to see what the home crowd looked like:

Dallas Diamonds crowd

See, you shoulda been there!

I felt badly for the Minnesota fans. Some made the drive down which was really cool. I spoke to one supporter (didn’t get her name) who if I recall correctly was on the team but sidelined with an injury. Her roommate was playing in the game and she made sure Minnesota knew she was in the stands, on their side.

Minnesota Vixen player

I wanted to give a shout out to Minnesota with this shot, and to their fans. Thanks for making the trip, really.

I was told that Minnesota has a fair number of rookies this season, which further hampered their efforts to score points. I wish Minnesota had put some points up so this sentence wouldn’t sound asinine, but I had even more respect for Dallas seeing how much more disciplined and conditioned they were in comparison. It’s not a fair comparison, as Minnesota seemed to be on a shoestring (and I am not laying this on the players) and morale was hard to muster up when down by an ever widening point spread.

Dallas Diamonds halftime score

This was the halftime score. I turned the camera off at this point.

I spoke with another vocal Minnesota supporter and it turns out she is the owner of the local WFA team, the Lone Star Mustangs. She thought I was a Minnesota Road Warrior and I explained that I wanted to mingle with the visiting side to get both sides of the story. Even though she was pulling for Minnesota (not sure exactly why) I will make another trip out to Pennington Field to catch a Mustangs game and will report on the proceedings right here.

(Oooh! June 12th against the Austin Outlaws! I am so there!)

Finally, I had enough time to hang out at the after party at Red Robin, except I got there first and got done eating first. I had a long drive ahead of me so I did a little glad-handing with the Diamonds faithful before making the return voyage. Next time, for sure, I’ll be on board with the after-party now that I have “Red Robin experience”.

As Petrel was just saying, support the sponsors whenever and however you can.

Red Robin tabletop

Support Dallas Diamonds football by supporting their sponsors.

I spoke with “Madness” (one of the atmosphere providers) at the restaurant and he told me that Dallas tried all sorts of wacky combinations to give everyone some playing time and be as sportsmanlike as possible under the circumstances. Defense playing on offense, offense playing defense, backup quarterbacks getting playing time, the works. Final score: 80-0.

At least Minnesota tightened the screws in the second half. “Madness” noted that it seems nothing but negative for Minnesota but there are some silver linings: Not forfeiting the game looks “better” in the standings, and says they’re not quitters. And if you’re going to make the long road trip to Dallas to play football, then by God, play football. Applause to the Minnesota Vixen for grinding it out and showing they’re real competitors.

The next Dallas Diamonds home game is Saturday, May 8 against the Atlanta Xplosion. I’ll see you at the game, right Petrel? And I’ll see you at the game, right, local readers?



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