Posted by: Ethan Johnson | April 19, 2010

WPS: Fantasy Week 2 Results

As noted at my other blog, I caught the fever and am trying my luck at the WPS Fantasy Challenge. How did I do in my first week of participation?

WPS fantasy diagram

Underachievers United

Dammit man.

Well, I was correct that Sky Blue FC’s offense runs through Heather O’Reilly (the “factor”, so to speak). And Hope Solo is good for some double digit fantasy numbers. But what the hey, man?

I can see right now that defense is going to be a huge liability. I am going to stick with my back three one more time and see what happens but this was not the time for Stephanie Cox to put up negative numbers.

I am also at a disadvantage for being a late adopter, having missed Week One. I don’t have dreams of WPS Fantasy gold but I would like to be ranked higher than…

#1463!!! FML

Last week’s ranking: #1345

Okay, I might succumb to the temptation to tinker with the week three lineup for some much needed points, but really the ladies just need an inspirational pep talk.

If you don’t play defense, you don’t play. You hear me Stephanie Cox? And Daphne Koster you will WALK HOME if you don’t put up some redeeming numbers, are you with me? Camile and Sonia, I don’t know what language I have to use to see some numeros muchos! Andele! Arriba! And Shannon Boxx your new name is “Sandbag” until I see improvement!

Now ladies, what we need to do is kill. Who wants to kill like a crazed hyena? Lemme hear you scream like crazed hyenas! Who wants to kill? Kill! Killllll!

Okay, bring it in.

“Shock the world” on three!

Seriously, here’s to a better showing next week.



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