Posted by: Ethan Johnson | April 18, 2010

WFTDA: Dallas Derby Devils Season Opener

News flash: I desperately need a different camera.

I spent all afternoon on Saturday fiddling with the various settings and even (gasp!) reading the instruction manual, and when crunch time happened, I got a whole memory card full of exciting action shots like this:

Blurry photo

Sure love that _sports_ setting on my camera.

I’m pretty steamed. I wasn’t balancing on one foot, on a trampoline, hopped up on amphetamines. I tried adjusting the shutter speed (pictures were nearly black), adjusting the “fast auto focus” (that just meant it made even more wrong decisions when picking a target), using the “intelligent auto” (at least some photos were usable that way), following the target while the camera took forever and a day to actually snap the photo (got the occasional neat “foreground subject is mostly in focus and the rest of the photo is a blur” effect), and finally saying “screw it” and setting it for rapid-fire mode – which meant I got SEVERAL blurry photos in succession. Whee.

Anyway, having burned column inches complaining about my camera woes, I’ll provide the photos that made the cut with captions.

Pro Wrestling guy

So just imagine what the other applicants must have been like.

Derby girls stretching

Halftime stretch.


Shoulda hadda Pabst, but I had to broaden my derby beer horizons.

Penalty box

A sure-fire way to not score any points.

Derby girl down

Scary moment as a derby girl hits the deck. She skated off, which is a good sign.

final score part 1

The Suicide Shifters absolutely whomped on the Slaughterers.

Derby girl

One of the more colorful characters in the DDD milieu.

More derby girls

DDD takes custom jerseys to the next level... and beyond.

final score part 2

The High Seas Hotties swabbed the deck with the Death Row Rumblers.

Anyway, there was quite a turnout on Saturday night for roller derby. The line to get in wrapped around the building. I was hoping to have a better time but between my camera issues and jerks in the crowd issues, I’m not really in a rush to go back alone. Derby is more of an experiential thing, meaning go with other people and have a good time. The weather was horrific and there was nothing like white knuckle driving to and from the event to dissuade me from going it alone.

I do plan to see Assassination City at least once this season and will go it alone for that as necessary. Finding women’s sports buddies has been very difficult for me but that’s my problem. Here’s to much better action shots in the future.



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