Posted by: Ethan Johnson | May 10, 2011

On the Turning Away

Joan at the Cross-Conference Collector blog wrote, recently, in part:

I’m kind of awful and cynical sometimes, but I don’t want to be. I’m over-educated and over-privileged and maybe that’s part of why I don’t necessarily think women’s sports is the solution to a lot of systemic and ideological problems and barriers to women’s opportunities around the world. However, I do understand the price of exclusion from activities, even in something as “trivial” as soccer.

She goes on to talk about finding what’s important to you, and what is worth fighting for, and to that end I will employ the blogger cliche of “go read the whole thing.”

As for this blog, consider it shuttered. I won’t delete it outright as people do seem to be wandering by to read old WNBA stats or look at photos from 2009, but new material? Look elsewhere. Explore the sidebar at right (you’ll have to come to the site for that, RSS lurkers) and maybe find some new favorites.

As for the why, I’ll be succinct. I’m retiring.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be supporting any of the women’s athletic activities that I enjoy watching, or that I am not looking forward to upcoming events like the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. But the fact is, I’m just a gawker. I’m not a journalist, not an activist, and the whole women’s sports scene isn’t being affected in any meaningful way by my presence or absence. And ultimately, I just want to like what I like without having to worry about how to “cover” it, or take photos to cull through later and post online, or cook up screeds advocating for or against some sort of issue pertaining to women’s athletics or women in general. There’s a wealth of such activists, ready to vie for your attention.

Thank you for your interest in this blog and my associated material. Blogging will continue in fits and starts at Actionless Activity if you want my forwarding address.

Over and out.

Posted by: Ethan Johnson | April 9, 2011

WNBA: Notes From REM Sleep

The 2011 WNBA season has yet to begin – the draft is this coming Monday – but a recent back and forth discussion concerning transgendered athletes has prompted me to describe, as best as I can, a dream I had a few months ago:

I found myself playing as one of two token male players for the LA Sparks. The other was Josh Holloway, known to many as “Sawyer” from Lost. Dreams being what they are, I just went with it and every time I got the ball, no matter where I was in relation to the basket (so, mid-court) I kept heaving the ball up for the shot and giving possession to the other team. Finally a time-out was called and rather than going to the sidelines, we huddled as a team near the free-throw line and “Sawyer” came over all pissed off. “How about passing the damn ball,” he said, in that Sawyer-ly way.

In the huddle, Lisa Leslie (!) turned to me and said in her Lisa Leslie way, “I think it would be best if you involved your teammates more in the plays so we can be successful.” Time out over, I got the ball again, same thing. heave, miss, run down the court, Sawyer glaring at me, Lisa Leslie hanging her head down but getting back on defense.

Some points:

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Posted by: Ethan Johnson | April 8, 2011

WPS: Year Three Begins

Just a quick note to say holy [cow], the new WPS season kicks off tomorrow. The first televised game of the season (on FSC) is on Sunday April 10 as the Sky Blue FC plays host to the Philadelphia Independence. Be there or be square.

Oh, and no, I am not playing the Fantasy Challenge this year. I know when to say when.

Posted by: Ethan Johnson | March 30, 2011


Yes, I am still around.

Carthage and UW Parkside Women’s Basketball is over. I only watched one NCAAW game this season end to end (UConn vs Stanford) and have not been following the NCAAW D-I tournament.

As I have noted in the past, this blog tends to lean toward “experiential” meaning if I do not attend the actual game, I don’t write about it. That’s not entirely the case but on the local level, it is.

Coming up:

Carthage softball has started.

WPS should be happening soon.

The Wisconsin Warriors kick off across the street in April.

I’m sure I’ll write something of substance before then, but that’s the forecast.

Carthage vs Millikin

Today was the final regular-season home game for the Lady Reds. I don’t believe any tournament games are going to be played in Kenosha so for all intents and purposes, this is curtains for the season.

I felt more “invested” in the women’s volleyball team but the basketball team grew on me and I am excited about the 2011-2012 season and will be interested to see how the team adapts to the loss of Taylor Tondelli and Heather Gilmore.

Let’s go to the Twitter feed from the game and re-live all of the excitement:

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Posted by: Ethan Johnson | February 14, 2011

GLVC Women’s Basketball: UW Parkside vs Quincy 02/14/2011

Jadee Rooney directing traffic

Maybe other guys sat around and moped because they didn’t have a date tonight, but not me! I had a date with the UW-Parkside women’s basketball team. Despite my obvious and obnoxious bias for All Things Carthage (except Lutheranism), I wanted to show UWP some love this Valentine’s Day.

Since “journalism” is not my middle name, let’s relive my Twitter updates, sent directly from the stands. Roll tape!

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Carthage College Women's Basketball

Time for another Carthage Women’s Basketball recap, and in a triumph of Lazy Journalism™, I am going to reprint my tweets that I sent out during the game. Subscribe to my Twitter feed and get it as it happens.

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Stephanie Kuzmanic

I finally made it back to good old Tarble Arena last night, and since I tend to “live tweet” the games I thought, why not provide the recap using my Twitter feed? I’ll provide director commentary to really punch it up. Here goes:

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Posted by: Ethan Johnson | January 15, 2011

IWFL: Wait, What?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the NFL Playoffs are happening right now, but it’s time (already) to talk about the real football action of the IWFL and the Dallas Diamonds.

I was thinking about the Dallas Diamonds today and how I won’t get to see them this season as I am no longer in Texas. I then thought about the Wisconsin Warriors and how they might promote their team this year. Then I got a tweet from the IWFL saying that the 2011 schedule had been released which I checked out immediately. And something was missing: No Dallas Diamonds! But lots of listings for the North Texas Knockouts, which I thought was a new team. (It is.)

To the Dallas Diamonds website! (trumpet flourish)


EXETER, CA — In an unprecedented panorama of unity, the most successful franchises in women’s football have come together for one collective platform. For the first time in history, the best teams in the sport now reside under one umbrella: The Women’s Football Alliance. This development takes effect immediately and will exhibit for the 2011 season beginning in April. Joining teams include: Bay Area Bandits, Boston Militia, Chicago Force, Dallas Diamonds, DC Divas, Kansas City Tribe, New York Sharks, Pittsburgh Passion, and the San Diego Surge. They will accompany current top WFA teams such as the Philadelphia Liberty Belles, Lone Star Mustangs, St. Louis Slam, and the West Michigan Mayhem.


I was under the impression that in the milieu of women’s football organizations, the WFA was smaller potatoes than the IWFL. Then again, all of the leagues brag about being the best, so it’s hard to tell.

This looks to be a huge coup for the WFA, and if this “unification” brings more interest to women’s pro football, bravo.

But this (Kenosha WI) is IWFL country, and I can’t wait to see the Wisconsin Warriors. Since they play right across the street look for much better coverage from me in the 2011 season.

UW Parkside vs Northern Kentucky

Okay, I’m back.

And despite indeed holing up at the Tarble Arena as often as possible, UW-Parkside finally gets some attention out of me.

UWP took on Northern Kentucky University, which was 12-3 overall going into this game, as was UWP. Both teams were seated at the top of their respective divisions within the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC).

I have to confess to being something of a Carthage snob, so it was hard to get into the game because I didn’t feel much rapport with the team or the school. Not like I am “tight” with Carthage but I am more familiar with that team, to the point of drawing mental comparisons between players from both schools.

But I found my “glue” in the form of Jadee Rooney. She had a hot first half, scoring 9 points in a very low-scoring affair. I wouldn’t say that it was an epic defensive battle, more like UWP was fortunate that NKU made a bunch of mistakes. Rooney went scoreless for most of the second half but the team had help from Amy Selk. 44-36 was the final score.

I’ll probably take in one more game this season. I have to get one of those DIY seat-backs for those bleacher seats, though. I miss you, Tarble Arena!

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